Production Stages
As Eptim works on offer and project basis, the offer for the required project for the tables and/or panels to be produced is prepared by single-line diagram and by obtaining the description of work from the customer.

Once customer confirm his/her order, all the project schematics and details are issued and prepared in PC environment completely at the project department. In this department, all the devices and components to be mounted are selected and depending on their physical dimensions, the final schematic of the project is prepared.

All the project-related files are sent to the pre-production unit to start manufacturing.
In the pre-production unit, the sheet metal's cutting dimensions, thickness and specifications are determined. The computer-aided CNC Punch is used for cutting out specific parts of the sheet metal to meet the design requirements. The sheet metal is folded and twisted by the CNC press-brake machine as per the design requirements.

After the bending processes of all the sheet metals by CNC press-brake machine finish, the welding works of the sheet metal according to its type is done with gas metal arc welding machine or by argon welding machine. After finishing the welding and surface-smoothing of the sheet metals, the resultant tables and panels are transferred to powder coating unit supported with upto 210 °C kiln.
In the Electro-mechanical assembly unit, after integrating all the mechanical parts together forming the carcass, all the electrical components are mounted on the carcass. The output products are labeled with the name of the project. Cables for power and control circuits are mounted after being labeled and coded.

The Electrolytic copper bus-bars used inside the electrical panels are selected depending on their dimensions, then bended and drilled according to the project needs.

In order to meet IP66 protection class requirements, covers of the panels/tables have Polyurethane liquid gasket poured on their frame.

Productions subjected to routine test stages specified in TS EN 61439-1/2 standards and final quality controls are made and packaged for domestic and international shipments.
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