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Eptim Electrical Construction and Trade Limited Company was established in 1984 over a closed area of 200 m at Ostim. Nowadays, the company has two factories with its head-office at Ostim over 3500 m closed and 500 m open area and its factory at Anadolu Organized Industrial Zone over 8500 m closed and 2500 m open area.

The company continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector by increasing its production capacity along 35 years of experience, expert staff and meticulous working principles.

The reason why Eptim conserves its reputation as an important name in the sector is that it continuously follows the customers' needs and meets their expectations accurately and reliably.

High quality is obtained by the unity of trust and purpose among customers and staff.
Eptim exports a certain part of its production. Therefore, it develops its production in every aspect and follows the new machines, equipment and all new technological developments to make the necessary changes on time.

By the approval of Turkish Standards Institute to Eptim for satisfying the conditions of TSE EN ISO 9001, Eptim has been rewarded with TSE Quality award in 2004.
With its brand panels, Eptim is one of the rare companies in the sector that have TS EN 61439-1/2 (4000A/100kA) Type Test Certificate and EAC (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia Official Certificate of Conformity), as well as IP55 and IP66 protection class certificates.

In addition to the Eptim brand panels, Eptim is an authorized partner for SIEMENS brand SIVACON S8, SIVACON S4, ALPHA630 UNIVERSAL, and SICUBE 8MT series panel systems.

At the machinery park, in addition to CNC Scissors, CNC Bending, CNC Punch, Corner Binding and Copper processing machines, Eptim has polyurethane liquid gasket casting machine which is used in electrical panel and table covers to meet the requirements of IP66 protection class.
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